Summer Themed Gift Guide

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The warmth of the sun and the dry hot air tells us that summer has finally arrived.  As with all the seasons, my favorite part is always the celebration: birthday parties, baby showers, housewarming, anniversaries, and weddings.  And if you’re like me, I struggle to give a gift that is meaningful and never ordinary.  Well, struggle no more, here are some of our gift suggestions that you can give to that very special person in your life.


1.Gifts for the Sports Enthusiast

The original attire for golf was created for the cool and rainy weather of Scotland.  Tweed suits paired with high, exposed woolen socks, leather shoes, and flat caps, this Golfer Elf will bring a smile to any golfing enthusiast.

Golfer Elf (51-71812)




2. Gifts for Chiefs and Foodies


For the gourmet chefs or foodies in your life, be it your mother, your wife, or your sister, these two thoughtful gifts will definitely show them how much you appreciate them.

 Cookbook Fairy (51-71862)

 Kitchen Elf (51-71816)


3. Gifts that Perfectly Decorates the Home

And if you’re looking for that gift that may be useful around the home, why not gift them with something that will kick start their home decorating projects such as:

                   Butterfly Elf (51-71808)      Patriotic Fairy (51-71846)                    Gardener Elf (51-71820)


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