Below are local, national and international charities that the Mark Roberts company supports on a monthly basis.


  • CHILDREN’S HOSPITAL OF ORANGE COUNTY The premiere destination for children’s health, CHOC has been meeting the health needs of children and their families with state-of-the-art facilities and first-class care in the heart of Orange County.
  • COOKIE CART LEARNING CENTER Young people with difficult circumstances are hired & trained to work in a business environment to bake cookies, which are sold to local venues. They are given a job and learn the skills needed to keep a job and stay off the street.
  • COVENANT HOUSE CALIFORNIA This shelter helps homeless youth in need and guides them in order to gain self-sufficiency as they move towards adulthood.
  • LOS ANGELES MISSION This organization helps all of the Los Angeles area homeless with food, shelter and health care.
  • ORANGE COUNTY RESCUE MISSION This mission helps the local area homeless with food, shelter and health care.
  • TALLER SAN JOSE This organization helps high risk youths with job training and interpersonal skills in a strict and structured environment, imprinting the values of respect, dignity, responsibility and community upon their students.
  • MEAL ON WHEELS This program delivers daily meals to homebound senior citizens.
  • HOMEBOY INDUSTRIES They deal with gang affected youth with a strict program intended to create self-sufficiency in vulnerable kids, steering them towards a path of contributing to society.
  • LOAVES & FISHES They provide food, counseling, and community support to the materially poor in central Orange County.